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I fell in love with computers when I was 12 and all I wanted to do was program them - and that's what I've been doing for many years. I still love programming though - gave up management for it - best decision EVER!

My first language was Basic and I'm most comfortable in that family of languages (VB, VBA, VBS, PL/1, Pascal, Cobol, SQR, SQL) but for the past few years, I've been reaching out of my comfort zone into C, Java, and Objective-C mainly because I want to write my own apps on iPhone and iPad. This site has been so awesome and I appreciate all the folks that get on here and answer stuff. I also appreciate all the folks that ask stuff because it seems I don't have to ask it - already been asked and I can glean my answers from those questions.

Now I'm getting back into VB through VB.NET and it has been such a relief because I actually know this stuff. All the learning of OOP has helped tremendously in understanding the new (to me) version of VB!