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thank you divine for the temporal

thank you animals & whoever for language

thank you cro magnons & whoever for math

thank you sumer & whoever for computers

thank you thales & whoever for derivatives

thank you Copernicus, Mill, Friedman, & whoever for the quantity theory of money

thank you amsterdam & whoever for stock exchanges

thank you bell, torvalds, canonical, and whoever for mint

thank you bell & whoever for c++

thank you darpa & whoever for tcp/ip

thank you cern & whoever for http

thank you whoever for postgres

thank you whoever for gsl

thank you nscp & whoever for ssl, js

thank you whoever for boost

thank you Crockford & whoever for json

thank you whoever for botan

thank you goog for google, ajax, spdy

thank you goog & whoever for chrome

thank you stack for stack

thank you Resig & whoever for jquery

thank you Bernstein & whoever for ed25519

thank you whoever for websockets

thank you Hubbard for flexjson

thank you Wilkinson for json-spirit

thank you Satoshi, Schwartz, & whoever for cryptocurrencies

thank you Rajlich & whoever for java-websocket

thank you Thorson (& whoever?) for websocket++

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