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I write. Here are some stuff I've written:

  1. 0a explains: calculus (188 upvotes in HN, 500+ on reddit)
  2. 0a explains: axiomatic set theory (190+ upvotes on reddit)
  3. The Boolean Satisfiability Problem in 5 mins or more
  4. Jekyll in 3 minutes

I'm putting them here for seo basically, but it's not like I give a fuck: life is a simulation and the past did not exist. You don't exist either.

While awaiting for the end, I get bored, so I talk to myself and pretend this is a game and set unrealistic goals and try to believe in things.

Things such as I will accomplish the goals before dying at the age of 30, you who is reading this exist, A variant of Shor's algorithm can be implemented in a DTM, P=NP, etc. a bunch of non-realistic things.

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