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Koushik Shetty


curious and here to learn.

if you stay in bengaluru and want to do some projects together then get in touch at kou4307@gmail.com.

"...But, you see, I was not trying to program in C++, I was trying to find the right way to deal with software..." --Alexander Stepanov


My interests are C(,++,#), lately Haskell and Python. At work i use LabVIEW ,C#,C++. I also know java but I feel bored with it :-)

Useful links :

State Machine Architecture(labview) - a very good design pattern in labview(my favourite)
TMP(Todd Veldhuizen)
STL(SGI) - a must read doc. The best reference on how to design, organise and document your code in my opinion.
Numerical recepies in c - An awesome book but requires significant amount of time to read.
BoostCon at youtube