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Due to the domination of the British Empire over the whole world for more than three centuries, earned the English language, the privilege of being an international language and the most-spoken language in the whole world regardless of the native speakers in whole. By chance, it also became a subject of interest for me. As the years passed by, and I experienced the wonders of Physics; my mind changed. I then began to find my interest in the subject of Physics and it grew at its most when I came to know about the black holes, string theory, etc. Afterward, I came to know that Mathematics is the language of Physics and it is a matter of fact that Mathematics was the holiest worldly subject for me before Physics therefore it caused me no harm accepting the fact that ‘Mathematics is the language of Physics or nature’. My fields of interest are Physics, Mathematics and the English language and also Arabic. I see my future in becoming a physicist INSHALLAH (GOD WILLING). I’m a Muslim free from any kind of denominationalism, and do not believe in what the today’s so-called Muslims believe in. My religion is free from flaws and polytheism. It’s peaceful and it gives the message of peace.

"A follower doesn’t necessarily express a religion. A religion is self-expressed by its contents."