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Martin started writing programs in GW Basic on a Tandy 1000 TL/2 in 8th grade, but did not really learn anything about software design until after highschool when working in LP-C on the LP-Mud Nightmare. He spent too many years writing software just for fun on the side while working retail to pay the bills.

Martin picked up professional experience working as a private contractor for Nocturnal Entertainment Australia on the Game Boy Advance title Ultimate Arcade Games. With a shiped title under his belt he attempted to move into a full time position in the industry but ultimately fell short. Disappointed, Martin decided to return to school to flesh out his skill set. In the process he discovered he enjoyed the problem solving and design of complex systems more than the game development. He graduated at(or nearly so) the top of his class at University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with a degree in Computer Engineering.

Today he works on the Enterprise Management Technologies team at Quad/Graphics.


comment Paradox in special relativity
I love that the bug has enough understanding of physics to not be worried. Is this why the man wants to kill it?
comment Could a hard drive actually have been erased as described in Cryptonomicon?
@RenéRoth if I remember correctly, it turned out the whole Breaking Bad scenario was redundant.
comment Why time difference is permanent and mass increase is temporary?
So mass and the rate-of-change for time both return to normal. but elapsed time remains the sum of the changes.
comment Why isn't temperature measured in Joules?
+1 clean and to the point
comment What would be the effects if Jupiter was to blown up?
What if Earth and Jupiter were in opposite points in their orbits? Would the two extra AU have an appreciable difference?
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