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An enthusiast of many trades, mostly science-related. I also love Linux, specifically Ubuntu. I have tried Debian, Fedora and OpenSUSE, however, but Ubuntu I love the most because its software packages are usually more up to date and there is more free support available. As a general rule of thumb, which may be helpful if you are trying to answer my questions, I always use the latest release of Ubuntu available, e.g., as of June 2015 I am using 15.04.

I have started a Wikia on Ubuntu and Linux in general, Ubuntu Wikia. It is currently fairly small, only twenty pages as of 13 June 2015, but help expanding it is always welcome.

I love to create chemical structure diagrams (both skeletal and 3D) the details of how I do so are here.

comment Is it possible to prove that projectiles with drag will not travel in a parabola under the theory of classical mechanics?
Done, sorry for the mix up.
comment Is it possible to obtain higher order corrections to the ideal gas law when one allows realistic phenomena to make their way into the equations?
Rofl na it's perfect! Thanks! I didn't know it existed