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Semi retired old time computer nerd who started programming on a Commodore Pet.

Since I'm also active in the Physics forum I should add that I started as a theoretical chemist, moved into solid state photochemistry and finally worked in industry as a colloid scientist. I only became a full time computer nerd in 1997.

comment What is the negative energy that they talk about in the design of hover-boards?
This question appears to be off-topic because it is about a fictional technology used in a science fiction film. Sorry :-(
comment what kind of wings would a person need to fly?
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comment At what velocity does space no longer equal a vacuum?
Are there no (other) SF fans reading this? The quote is about streamlining ships to deal with the 5 Hydrogen atoms per m$^3$ density of insterstellar matter at near light speeds. As it happens the question is a duplicate and the issue has been discussed in Would a fast inter-stellar spaceship benefit from an aerodynamic shape?. tl;dr you need to be very, very close to the speed of light for the effect to become important.
comment About time measurements
It isn't clear to me why you think the continuity of time and the illusion of time flowing are incompatible, or even related.
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answered Direction of pressure in fluids
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revised If something is not moving in space, is it moving on the time axis at the speed of light?
Damn I always get that spelling wrong
answered If something is not moving in space, is it moving on the time axis at the speed of light?
reviewed No Action Needed Difference between a “source dipole” and a “force dipole”
comment Discrepancy in introducing Schottky barrier
The bands aren't discontinuous because the junction isn't infinitely thin. The energy level varies continuously (but steeply) across the junction. The force on carriers is indeed very high, but it acts only over a very short distance. The force times distance is of course equal to the difference in the energy levels.
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