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Semi retired old time computer nerd who started programming on a Commodore Pet.

Since I'm also active in the Physics forum I should add that I started as a theoretical chemist, moved into solid state photochemistry and finally worked in industry as a colloid scientist. I only became a full time computer nerd in 1997.

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comment Cosmic Expansion - Why aren't we ripped off yet?
The universe hasn't been expanding exponentially since the Big Bang. For the first half of its life it was expanding as roughly $t^{2/3}$, and the exponential contribution to the expansion only became significant around 6 billion years ago. However the future expansion will tend towards exponential as the density of matter dilutes towards zero.
comment Thoughts on the ice cube from orbit problem
@parceval: my calculation is based on the fact you need to bring the ice to a stop (unless you want it smash your glass). All the energy needs to be dissipated to slow the ice from its 20,000 or so mph orbital velocity to zero. However the ice meteor won't be coming to a stop - it'll be hitting us at something like 20,000 mph. This wouldn't be pleasant.
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comment Thoughts on the ice cube from orbit problem
@user2012797: no, because the 10kg of ice will produce as much energy as would melt 100kg of ice. But it you add an extra 100kg then that ice would produce as much energy as needed to melt 1000kg of ice, and so on. It can't be done by just melting the ice. You need to find some other way of disposing of 90% of the energy.
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comment Compactification and off-diagonal terms of the metric tensor
But then M theory postulates there are 11 dimensions, so that's 7 compact ones but only 6 off diagonal terms.
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revised If two events both have a spacetime interval of zero, can they both be said to be happening “now”?
I hope this is a valid correction ...
answered Why does a Resistor cause a potential drop?
answered Does the geomagnetic field rotate?
comment Does the geomagnetic field rotate?
Why the downvotes? This seems to me to be a very good question. The interaction of field lines with rotation in the Sun (OK the Earth isn't made from plasma) is a highly complex subject. Though it isn't my area, it seems likely there is some interesting physics for the Earth's magnetic field as well.
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