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Semi retired old time computer nerd who started programming on a Commodore Pet.

Since I'm also active in the Physics forum I should add that I started as a theoretical chemist, moved into solid state photochemistry and finally worked in industry as a colloid scientist. I only became a full time computer nerd in 1997.

comment Buying books that are out of print
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it's about buying books not physics
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comment Is there any evidence against the Cosmological Principle?
Hi Lance. A good answer would in effect be a review article and I think that makes the question too broad. I found an interesting paper on the Arxiv that includes a literature survey. This would be a good start. A brief answer is that there is some tantalising evidence that the universe may not be as homogeneous and isotropic as we have assumed, but nothing concrete yet.
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comment Doesn't dating the universe violate the concept of spacetime's inseparability?
@JimsBond: actually I've just spotted that the Wikipedia article I linked uses the term "comoving time". So yar boo sucks!!! :-)
comment 't Hooft–Polyakov and Dirac monopoles, instantons and solitons
There are loads of articles on these subjects out there in Googlespace. I think you should read around the subjects a bit before posting here. If there are some aspects that you don't understand please come back to us and post a question explaining what you do understand and what you don't.
comment Throwing the object around the Earth
Hi and welcome to the Physics SE! Please note that this is not a homework help site. Please see this Meta post on asking homework questions and this Meta post for "check my work" problems.