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Pro programmer from the russia

How to be a programmer in steps?

1). Set a goal what you wish to program..

2). Make your program just work. (don't worry think much how messy your coding is.)

3). Fix all bugs you can find and do tests on each part to make sure no more bugs exist.

4). Finally start from scratch and re-write your program in a clean matter, this will be fast don't worry because you already did this once ;).

4). And always ask StackOverflow for advise on parts you are unsure.

comment Why does the Sun always rise in the East?
Depends where you pray
comment What are washers for?
The tighter you screw in nut with a washer, then it will always push against the nut making it have pressure so it won't unscrew with vibration.
comment How do we know for certain that space is expanding?
Dark energy expanding all around an object is a little easier to visualize. I guess as dark energy expands all around every single object in space it pushes everything apart. The key being that it is energy so it is able to exert a force on mass. Empty space without gravity cannot exert a force on mass so saying that space is expanding is nonsense. It is easier to assume space is infinite and the objects are simply all moving away from each other due to dark energy pushing them apart in space.
comment How do we know for certain that space is expanding?
I can understand how it's possible to observe two objects getting further away from each other but I don't think there is a possible way to actually figure out if the objects speed at which it is traveling through space is increasing. But we must assume that they are increasing in speed otherwise they would not move away from each other. Space could expand all it wants but if the objects are not speeding up they won't move away from each other, space will just expand around them.
comment How do we know for certain that space is expanding?
I guess what I'm trying to figure out is whether the galaxies are moving faster and faster in actual speed through space or are they only moving away from each other. If something is increasing their speed and only a force such as gravity can do that, that's why I had the idea that something is pulling on them much the same way gravity pulls on things. If space was only expanding the velocity of the galaxies should stay the same, only the distance should increase between them.
comment How do we know for certain that space is expanding?
Hubble observed that the speed of all objects is proportional to their distance. What does that mean?
comment Does (will) wind affect plasma (electical spark passing through a gap)?
I don't think wind or anything physical can affect plasma directly. Only the air before it turns into plasma can be physically affected. I think that once it is plasma it can no longer be affected because at that time it turns into electromagnetic radiation in the form of light?