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comment How to determine spatial color distribution?
Yeah, I was unsure where to post. Because in the end it is about analysing pixels of photographies, I decided for here. If you feel like it, move the question to a better place.
comment Asymmetric uncertainties
Thanks, I think this explains most of my problems. I guess these are then, for example, used on single photon experiments where you often have Poissonian distributions in the count rate?
comment Bragg condition for transmission: Why is the full diffracted angle Two times Theta? Or isn't it?
Thanks, but I already solved my problem. I have reflection in my case, too, contrary to what I assumed from the explanation I got with the experimental setup. And this explanation about the setup is rather incomplete. What confused me is this: The setup consists of a graphite crystall that again consists of crytsallites on which the Bragg reflection happens. And I wrongly assumed that it has one big homogenous graphite crystal that transmits the electrons. That's the case here, too, but the actual physics happens on the smaller crystallites which actually do reflection.