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Electronic Eng. and IT analyst, with interests in physics, astronomy, IT. A self-similar model of the Universe unveils the nature of dark energy I recomend the reading of the online book, written by my friend Alfredo Gouveia de Oliveira http://outrafisica.blogs.sapo.pt

With help of a dialog between 4 characters, and using only standard physics, the author presents an alternative view of the History of the Universe.

In order to be fully appreciated it should be read in chronological order (I'm used to google chrome browser and google reader).

Another reading that I share here is the book of Douglas Pinnow 'Our Resonant Universe'. It is a monography of a model of particles, based only on EM, that has only one parameter ('me'-electron mass) and derives the particle properties to within 1% of their values (barion masses well bellow 1%) and does not suffer of the barionic 'spin crisis'.

papers of my friend Alfredo in the arxiv:

None of these suggested readings has been comented or criticized until now.