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For the record, I earned the 'Disciplined' badge by deleting an answer of mine that had 60 up-votes. Beat that!

comment Is Einstein's characterization of “time” as “the position of the little hand of my watch” definitive and binding in the RT?
Note that the proper time is basically Pythagoras's theorem (so it's the "distance" or "interval" between events) but with some of the terms negative. Commonly the squared space terms are negative and the squared time is positive as shown above, but this is just a convention and you can reverse them. I prefer the time term to be negative, as it's the odd one out. And then I can say that it's just ordinary Pythagoras except that time is imaginary! :)
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comment Would it help if you jump inside a free falling elevator?
@Greg Graviton - or alternatively, simply wait until you're in reach of the ground and use your leg muscles to push against it, thus transferring momentum to the Earth. Problem solved.
comment Would it help if you jump inside a free falling elevator?
Another way to approach this: suppose shortly after the fall began, the elevator miraculously disappeared. Now it's just you in free-fall. I find this makes the outcome more intuitive. The elevator is not the problem, and so the problem cannot be solved by breaking your contact with the elevator.
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