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I work as an environmental engineer making tools for clients to track their environmental compliance. I develop mostly in Access, Excel, VBA, SQL, C# (usually for my own fun) and some other niche domain programs.

I ride my bike to work as much as possible and have been bike commuting for several years now. The weather is always great, even when it's raining.

#SOreadytohelp (I need more clothes, plz)

comment Why does the tongue stick to a metal pole in the winter?
@AndréNeves Maybe pressing your tongue leads to you putting lots of spit on the contact area and that is enough warm liquid to unstick it...?
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comment How much effect does the mass of a bicycle tire have on acceleration?
I'm not following the math here (the formulas look right though). I get for a(m=1 kg, M=70 kg) = 0.0540t and for a(m=1.5 kg, M=70 kg) = 0.0526t and for a(m=1 kg, M=71 kg) = 0.0533t. Which means you're still right about the ~ 2x increase for small additions of mass. It should be noted this is a decidedly non-linear relationship and the ratio converges to 1 eventually.