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Second Source Electronics (SSE) Owner, 2004-present Custom Design, Distribution custom LEDs, Consulting, Training, Contract work.

1998–2002, C-MAC Electronics Canada, Winnipeg, MB, Design Services Mgr, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS)

 1st person to design new product within C-MAC worldwide  Head-mounted Video display for Liquid Image, Winnipeg MB  Won 1st design contract from Lucent Networks (Denver) & build 1K/mo

1997–1998 Unisys Corporation, Rancho Bernardo, CA, Sr. Test Engineer in a new factory

 Assist new mfg. plant with producing new high-end computers  (6 mos term)

1993–1996 IRIS Systems Inc, Winnipeg, MB, Ops Mgr,  SMD R&D Prototype Assy , Automated Meter Reading (AMR)

 Managed PCA Assy, stock, Purch, Eng. Database, QA, Testing,. BOM, Stock Pick, RFQ's  Develop sophisticated low cost process for TCXO, Microwave Antenna testing/tuning  Develop optimal proximity power meter reader with reflective IR`

1982–1993 Burroughs,Memorex,Unisys Corporation Winnipeg, MB, TE Manager,  Disk Drive Mfg

 Disk drive engineer for OEM buys, developed advanced test methods  Test Eng Mgr,  for Mfg Computer peripherals, mainframe types, Process Development, Yield Improvement  Managed 15 highly technical staff (Tech, Eng) for teamwork and results

1979-1982 Interdiscom System Ltd, Winnipeg, MB, Senior Designer EE, Telecom Technology

 High Tech design for MTS called Project IDA, broadband WAN/ISDN  Successful transition from R&D to prototype build, install & Debug  Designed test equipment for reading T1 error rate and system integrity. full mech/clim. elect,EMC Env. Test.

1975-1979 Bristol Aerospace Ltd, Winnipeg MB, Electronic Design Engineer R&D, Aerospace and SCADA Design

 Designed Doppler instruments, Eddy Current SCADA system for AECL  Designed Desktop computer SCADA for rocket instruments, pre-launch  Mil-Std Environmental Design & Test Verification or  “Shake & Bake”

Other skills: Engineering Forensics, 98/XP/Vista/Win7/8 Security and optimal performance Mech. Engineering, DFT/DFC/DFM/DFX, HALT/HASS EOS/EMC, Reverse Engineering DVT/PVT, 6 Sigma, ANalog/Digital/Network System Design, incl. Video, RF, Telemetry, PCM


1970-1975    U of M, BSc Electrical Eng.,   Winnipeg, MB     Worked part-time for Earth Sciences making portable seismic equipment     Thesis: designed/built voice-activated remote control for Quadriplegics


One Minute Manager, Time Management, Project Management, Management by Positive Reinforcement, ERP II software, Intellectual Property, MPU programming, Mapper Language.


Computer Tune-Ups, PC Software, Cycling with pet Schnoodle, Gardening, Carpentry, Forensic Analysis, Travel, Gardening, Woodworking, custom LED & Luminaire Design/Install

comment Is there a physical reason steel balls are not suitable to play billiards with?
more rotational inertia for same mass and less friction with steel would make for a more boring game as the physics of sides and bottoms and back spin would be less sensitive to "english". It could also be annoying with a less solid hollow golf driver boing sound as the sphere deforms causing unexpected results. The balls are fine and solid and exchange energy fine with the materials used now and have a nice solid muted sound as it should be. Perhaps exotic carbon filled epoxy ceramic hybrids are possible at a $300/ball like my Experimental Yamaha golf drivers 10 yrs ago. I love, but old tech
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answered Is there a physical reason steel balls are not suitable to play billiards with?
comment Phase shift of 180 degrees on reflection from optically denser medium
If you are familiar with the s parameters of transmission line theory then you may recognize the reflection coefficient of a denser medium is like a reflector with partial reflection. Electrical and optical properties have duality. As an EE who understands these in RF and optical reflections with phase inversion is like a lower impedance or reactance due to increase in permittivity has its analogy in optical transmission properties.
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answered Phase shift of 180 degrees on reflection from optically denser medium