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The concept of entropy from an optical systems standpoint
created Jul 26 at 1:03
created Jul 16 at 10:39
created Jul 16 at 10:39
For feedback in physical systems as a part of control theory. Positive and negative feedback.
created Jul 12 at 13:50
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created Jul 10 at 21:52
created Jul 9 at 19:54
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Should be used in the context of supersymmetry. A sparticle is also known as a superpartner. Can be used in questions asking the connection between supersymmetry and superstring theory if sparticles a…
created Jul 9 at 12:58
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created Jul 8 at 18:15
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created Jul 4 at 23:48
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a positively charged particle which is generally considered to be a composite particle comprising of three quarks interacting through the strong force (e.g. in the standard model.)
created Jun 24 at 6:05
created Jun 17 at 18:50