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Subdiscipline of theoretical physics which consists in the study of physics problems using numerical algorithms. PLEASE NOTE that questions about computational methods and/or programming are OFF-TOPIC…
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The study of physical properties condensed phases of matter, including solids and liquids.
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a tag for color confinement.
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The statement that a property of a system does not change if the system is isolated.
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a branch of mechanics that deals with the analysis of the kinematics and the mechanical behavior of materials modeled as a continuous mass rather than as discrete particles.
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transport mechanism involving bulk motion of a medium
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quantify location in space.
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Usually referring to stable high energy elementary particles - cosmic rays were found to arrive the Earth from galactic and extragalactic sources and interact with the atmosphere. The energies of this…
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The study of the large-scale structure, history, and future of the universe. Cosmology is about asking and answering questions about the "big picture" - the extent, origin, and fate of everything we k…
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A fundamental and empirical law quantifying the electrostatic force between two charges.
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How a quantity behaves under a change of basis vectors. This tag covers relativistic covariance, as well as contravariant and covariant tensors not necessarily in the context of relativity. DO NOT USE…
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is a property of a system or theory where the combined charge conjugation (replacing particles with their anti-particles) and parity (reversing the sign of every vector, equivalent to reflecting the s…
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the name given to a hypothetical unit of area (often in units of Barns) for measuring the probability of scattering events in particles collisions. DO NOT USE THIS TAG for a physic…
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concerned with temperatures below 123 K (-150 deg C), widespread usage in gas liquefaction and storage, vacuum science and supercondcutivity
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Use this for questions pertaining to curvature of manifolds. Does not need to be specific to general relativity, but also for curvature of e.g. a [tag:calabi-yau] manifold.
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