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a difficult technical problem that limits the usability of renewable sources of energy to replace traditional fossil fuel sources
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concerned with temperatures below 123 K (-150 deg C), widespread usage in gas liquefaction and storage, vacuum science and supercondcutivity
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This can be used for the strong or weak anthropic principle. Please be sure to mention in your question which you are talking about.
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The Green-Schwarz formalism, or the superspace-formalism, are formalisms for supersymmetry with explicit spacetime supersymmetry.
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the electromagnetic shock-wave due to a charged particle traveling through a medium faster than the speed of light in that medium.
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Relationship between state variables (typically temperature, density, and/or pressure) most often used in thermodynamics/statistical physics, but can be found in cosmology, astrophysics and high energ…
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A theory of interacting fields of arbitrary spin. Generalizes Yang-Mills as a theory of spin-one, gravity as a theory of spin-two to fields of any spin.
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To be used for astrophysical jets -- collimated, relativistic outflows often due to accretion onto compact objects.
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Pieces of stone or metal originating elsewhere in the Solar System that have fallen through the atmosphere.
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the study of quantum effects on small cavities, manifested in variations in the lifetimes of unstable energy levels
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The application of physics to the built environment, particularly with regard to the movement of heat, air, moisture, pollutants and light through buildings.
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A repulsive force that exists in quantum mechanics between identical fermions due to the Pauli exclusion principle.
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For questions about epistemology in the context of physics - what knowledge is, and how we arrive at it.
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if a more descriptive tag applies.
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matter in a state that has properties between those of conventional liquid and those of solid crystal.
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