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Computing time-ordered products via Wick's theorem is fairly straightforward, schematically, $$\mathcal{T} \left\{ \phi_1 \phi_2 \dots \phi_n\right\} = \; : \sum \mathrm{all \;possible \; contractions}:$$ where colons denote normal-ordering, and for simplicity we have chosen a real scalar field, and the notation $\phi_n$ denotes a field evaluated at the ...


The physical limit is $a\to 0$ so the terms in the operator that are subleading in $a/L$ go to zero and may be neglected. This is a different situation from computing various sums and integrals (in Green's functions and scattering amplitudes) whose leading terms in an expansion diverge. The leading divergent piece may be unphysical and get subtracted by ...

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