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Latent Heat Slows Condensing On a micro scale, when a molecule of water condenses out of the air by joining a water droplet it transfers its higher kinetic energy to the droplet warming it. On a macro scale, if all the water tried to condense out of the air at once, the temperature of the cloud would rise to the point where much of the water would want to ...


This is a simple example of how red and blue light can mix so that they appear as green to the human eye. Let us take the example of two monochromatic time-harmonic light sources with frequencies $\omega_1$ and $\omega_2$. For simplicity let them both be cosines, then, \begin{align} f(t) &= A_1 \cos(\omega_1 t) + A_2 \cos(\omega_2 t) \\ &= 2 A_1 A_2 ...

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