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I am very bad at drawingin "paint", but the process can go as antineutrino +neutrino to Z0 , Z0 to s antis (or up antiup), a gluon vertex from the quark to an up antiup (or strange antistrange quark) the parenthesis are the alternate diagram. , So it is not forbidden, it has two weak vertices and so very small cross section.


Your first diagram is wrong, since there is no vertex in a Lorentz invariant theory where three fermions and a vector meet. However, I don't see why you say the interaction is forbidden. It would surely be insanely suppressed since amplitudes are extremely weak, but I don't see a problem with the diagram (for instance): Notice that quarks mix, so the ...


The problem with this process is, that there is no term in the standard model which allows a coupling of a fermion a W-boson and a quark-antiquark pair. Even with the neutrino having no charge, you have to take this arrow you draw on the fermion line seriously, so the fermion flow is violated at this interaction points. Furthermore you can only couple ...

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