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Is there something wrong with this process? (it will admittedly be suppressed by $|V_{su}|^2\approx \frac{1}{20}$, i.e. "doubly cabbibo suppressed") or maybe even replace the Z boson with gluons.


There is and there isn't an equation. What I mean is that there is no universal equation for all cases. For example, the equation for strong force $V(r) = - \frac{4}{3} \frac{\alpha_s(r) \hbar c}{r} + kr$ only applies to quarkonium. This is fifferent for the gravity equation which applies in all cases.


You say about Majorana fermions: "From this I would argue that they need to have all quantum numbers equal to zero." which is not true. Charge conjugation is defined on Dirac spinors as $\psi^c := \mathrm{i}\gamma^0\gamma^2\bar\psi^T$. Being Majorana means $\psi^c = \psi$. While this would imply the spinor has zero electric charge (and zero all other ...

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