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With a basic understanding of physical geometry we can understand this difference. A soliton is a KIND of pseudosphere created by the rotation of a tactrix, however, this particular kind of pseudosphere is harmonically generated by the negation of itself. We can say that if the natural growing pseudosphere has a one dimensional rotational property then the ...


A further investigation led me to the desired reference, which discusses this precise problem: Hard Superconductivity: Theory of the Motion of Abrikosov Flux Lines Work of Anderson and Kim, at Bell Labs, around 1964


This is not a full answer to the question, but just to point out existing related studies. This kind of question was considered a lot in the context of Josephson junction, which is basically a superconducting ring but with a weak link (i.e. the junction), where intuitively vortices tunnel through the junction. The simplest model of such a system is just the ...

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