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You can do sth better : 1 - first inflate the balloon and then deflate it to a spherical shape (Because usually ,balloons aren't spherical shape and this is the matter of this question.)


Fill the Balloon with water instead of Air, and use the Water volume displacement method in the prior answer. A Displacement cylinder that is either rectangular, or, a Cylinder is far easier to calculate volume change, with and without the water balloon. A short piece of smooth walled large diameter plastic water pipe, with a homemade flat bottom would ...


If you assume that the balloon is spherical you can fill a bucket completely with water, gather the volume it displaced and measure it. Then you use the formula $V=\frac43\pi r^3$ to get the radius. To do this i am assuming that the compression of the balloon is negligible when it is underwater.


Negative Temperature can arise only in systems which have strict upper limits on the highest energy state that the system's constituent particles can be in. What a negative temperature is telling you is that they only way to take on more energy is to force more and more constituent particles in their highest energy state. That is, the probability of any ...

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