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Here is a simple Feynman diagram. electron electron elastic scattering if time is the y axis,( electron positron elastics scattering if time is the x axis) Real particles are the incoming and the outgoing that can be measured in an experiment in the lab. The exchanged photon is called virtual. The difference between real particles and virtual ...


The reason for many contradictory statements regarding the nature of virtual particles is that they are often invoked for heuristical explanations of phenomena that arise within the framework of quantum field theory. One then tries to further justify those explanations by attributing certain properties to virtual particles they do not actually possess. ...


If a graviton was existant, then it would be infinitely fast, as gravity is felt instantly as an object is created. With infinite speed a graviton could escape the event horizon with no difficulty. Also, the graviton is essentially a representation of spacetime curvature in particle form, so is not affected by gravity


the black hole shrinks due to negative energy of the particle it absorbs when the other particle escapes but it does not matter whether or not it was the matter of the antimatter that was absorbed. For a virtual pair to become real particles, lets take an e+e- pair, energy must be provided by an energy source. In the simple pair creation by a real ...


Found this interesting read on this website: "In a classical point of view, this question is based on an incorrect picture of gravity. Gravity is just the manifestation of spacetime curvature, and a black hole is just a certain very steep puckering that captures anything that comes too closely. Ripples in the curvature travel along in small undulatory packs ...


As i see it a gravitons would interfere if gravity waves interfere. And I certainly think that a gravity wave would interfere. I guess that they are transverse waves that can interfere like any other waves.

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