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What you seem to be referring to (a guess from your mention of quantum tunneling) is perhaps near-field magnetic induction. Here's a summary - magnetic coils have a near-field region around them, the primary contriubtion to which involves minimal radiation of power. This region is dominated by the response of the coils (for example) to the fields, and is ...


If you have a flux of electrons, the transmitted power is proportional to the number of tunneling electrons. The other electrons are reflected from the barrier. Thus, the barrier just redistributes the incident electron flux into two ones. It does not change the individual electron energy.


The modeling of resonant systems whether they be mechanical, electrical or whatever by differential equations allows one to express them in terms of a transfer function . The transfer function relates an output (response) with an input (excitation). For resonant transfer functions, especially those with a high Q or quality factor there is significant ...

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