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If we define $\mathcal{T}=i\sigma_y K$ where $K$ is complex conjugation, i.e. $\mathcal{T}\psi_\uparrow \mathcal{T}^{-1}=\psi_\downarrow, \mathcal{T}\psi_\downarrow \mathcal{T}^{-1}=-\psi_\uparrow$, Then naively a term like $\Delta e^{i\Phi}\psi_{\uparrow}^\dagger \psi_{\downarrow}^\dagger$ is not invariant under $\mathcal{T}$. This is basically the ...


The transformation under time reversal of the forms electrondynamics is subtle because the gauge field 1-form $A = A_\mu \mathrm{d}x^\mu$ and the field strength $F = F_{\mu\nu}\mathrm{d}x^\mu\wedge\mathrm{d}x^\nu$ are not the correct physical objects to transform. This may be seen by observing that the Maxwell equations are $\mathrm{d}F = 0$ and ...

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