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Sometimes it's just faster to measure. Bought 2 exactly same type of thermometer, left both in wrapping. They both said same temp. Walked home 12 minutes, both ended up at above 88. Put one inside, put other in shaded area near porch, under the "tree" that gives us all the cool shade, and the stairs, and otherwise surrounded by walls, in the shade. (also on ...


In order to solve this, we must first find the total thermal resistance ($R_{total}$). The thermal resistors (copper, insulator 1, and insulator 2) are acting in parallel. Thus the total resistance is give by the following equation: ${\frac{1}{R_{total}}}={\frac{1}{R_1}}+{\frac{1}{R_2}}+{\frac{1}{R_3}}+...+{\frac{1}{R_n}}$ where ${R_n}={\frac{L}{k_nA_n}}$ ...

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