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use a right side prism and place right ahead of eyepiece then it will correct! np


P1 - They WERE used on land, extensively. Note on land the horizon is indeterminate as hills and valleys are present. A still pool of water (aka artificial horizon) is known to perfectly parallel to the true horizon and accurate measurements can be made. (Compare the direct image of the Sun to its reflected image and note the angle between the two.) P2 - ...


First question: depends on your definition of photoelectric effect. In a CCD a photon is absorbed, and the energy given to an electron which is then promoted out of the Fermi sea, just as happens in the traditional experiment of a metal in a vacuum. However, in a CCD, the electron has only enough energy to get to the conduction band (generates an ...


Addressing the second part: There are really two different aspects here: the navy and the army. For the navy, it basically boils down to one thing: after WWII, radar got a lot better a lot faster, and quite quickly began to outperform the optical systems. The big benefit is not intrinsic range precision, but the ability to work in all weathers. For the ...

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