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Here is another approach to complement the nice answer from Floris: Water rises in the tube to minimize its energy. The relevant energies are the gravitational potential energy of the column of fluid and the surface energies of the interfaces between fluid, tube, and air. Suppose the water rises by an amount $\mathrm{d}h$. This is equivalent to moving a ...


It all depends on what you consider "noticeable". The change in height in a capillary comes about from the curvature of the liquid, and the resulting change in pressure. Simplifying for a moment, the curvature of the surface (for a small capillary) can be approximated to a section of a sphere (the real math is much harder... but the principles are easy to ...


the angle will change. and it will be smaller at the inclination beta. and greater at the other side


To answer the question in your comment: Yes the contact angle remains constant. The contact angle is determined by surface energies of the three materials and microscopic surface roughness, neither of which depend on the direction of gravity so tipping the plane will not effect that. The height of the meniscus (distance from the asymptotically flat ...

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