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A cantilever beam is a determinate structure: If the beam has a length $L$ and a point load $P$ acts in it's end, the moment $M$ in it's fixed support is equal to $M=P*L$. So yes, the bending stress will be linearly proportional to the applied load.


These loadings are not indeterminate, in the sense that we don't know what they are, because their magnitudes can be calculated quite readily. It's just that they change in magnitude quite abruptly due to the nature of a point loading, and are more accurately termed 'discontinuous'. With careful consideration, the abrupt change in magnitudes can even be ...


First of all let me make a correction in your given value of flexural strength of concrete. The value of $16 Mpa$ or $16 N/mm^2$ is about the compressive strength of a typical concrete cube with an edge of 15cm under clear compression. It's tensile strength is about 1/10 of its compressive strength ,so it's about $1.6 Mpa.$ Like concrete ,most materials ...

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