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@user121330 The whole system moves with 400 N rightwards. And the force acting on both the ends of the rope is 200 N. So that tension becomes 200 N


I think your concept of tension needs clarification. "The tension" is not a well-defined concept for a rope with non-zero mass. One has to be careful to specify where the tension is being considered. We take the system in question to be the rope having mass $m_\mathrm{rope}$. There are two forces on the rope, one the pull from group A the other the pull ...


For the top surface of an object to be flat and level, the object below the surface must be under compression. It would be possible to have a walker's tightrope that was almost perfectly flat and level on the top if there two additional ropes rope below and to either side of the first one, and the lower ropes were separated from the first one by spacers, ...

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