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Jezstarski is mostly correct, The para-positronium (p-PS) state ends up being the main mode of annihilation of positronium (PS). Positrons can annihilate in at least eight different ways but once ortho-positronium (o-PS) forms in a void/vacuum, it has additional time to undergo another mode of annihilation. P-PS annihilates in under 125 picoseconds. O-PS ...


Can anyone help with this derivation? There are $N!$ ways to arrange $N$ different objects, but you don't have $N$ different objects, you have $n_0$ indistinguishable objects in the ground state, $n_1$ indistinguishable objects in the first state, and so on. So that means, from your $N!$ different permutations (assuming all the objects are ...

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