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I learned I can calculate the entropy $$S=-k_B\sum_jp_jln(p_j)$$ where $$p_j$$=probability at j state but I saw that the entropy is also can be calculated by $$S=-k_Bln(Z)$$ I think this equation applicable for both of isolated system and non isolated system these two equations are same ? Given the number of states $\Omega(E,\Delta ...


Tricritical Ising model belongs to the family of minimal models ($M(5,4)$). There are several different coset constructions that represent them, one of them is the following: $M(m+1,m)=SU(2)_{m-2} \times SU(2)_1/SU(2)_{m-1}$


That is exactly right. I would say "exactly one spin up" rather than "any spin up", but that is just phrasing. Another way of looking at this is that there is an increase in entropy (of $\log n$ times Boltzman's constant) associated with flipping one spin, which will sometimes overcome the energy cost.

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