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If you assume that whatever generates the mixing patterns of quarks and leptons (beyond the SM) has no underlying symmetry and that nature chose $V^{CKM}$ and $V^{PMNS}$ randomly within the set of $3\times3$ unitary matrices, then it is natural to expect mixing between families because the probability of randomly selecting $V^{CKM}=V^{PMNS}={\mathbb 1}$ is ...


Exactly as you mention in the second part of your post. Leptogenesis takes place at temperatures higher than the electroweak scale $T_{EW}\simeq100\,\mbox{GeV}$. Therefore, heavy neutrinos decay into lepton and higgs doublets, whose fields are still all physical.


A) What is the piece of theory which dictates that electrons interact via the weak force with other electrons and protons, and how can this force be understood in terms of what I am more familiar with i.e a coulombic interaction and dipole moments ... Electrons interact via the electromagnetic force dominantly with other electrons and protons, not the ...

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