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It's true that the natural speed limit is the speed of light. So the minimum time required is 1400 yrs. However, it is imposible to reach that speed. We can't even accelerate subatomic particles to that speed. You asked for the fastest rocket in Earth. The actual record of speed is the Helios II spacecraft (obtained from here) which traveled at 70.22 km/s. ...


Let's say its moving roughly 32,500 mph or about 16.316 km/s relative to the Earth. If we consider special relativity then we have ten years of seconds divided by the square root of one minus 16 kilometers per second squared over the speed of light squared. The answer turns out to be roughly half a second!


I haven't had time to link things exactly, but a chronological list of experiments (and their description) can be found at this link which contains information about experiments on the most recent (current) ISS mission. That only helps a little bit... you would have to go and look at the individual experiment descriptions to see whether it matches what you ...

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