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As the moon is continually receding from the earth due to the tides, the end result will be a stable orbit. about 2.3 billion years from now, the increase of the Sun's radiation will have caused the Earth's oceans to vaporize,[13] removing the bulk of the tidal friction and acceleration. The orbit should be stable. But the sun will finally become a ...


The Sun will collide with the Earth. The orbits are stable. But in about 5 billion years, the Sun will run low on hydrogen and begin burning helium. This will make it expand and engulf the Earth.


Here's a summary of what Malcolm Longair discusses in Theoretical Concepts in Physics. Kepler was assigned by Tycho to analyze the huge amounts of data he had collected from about 20 years of observations. Tycho was interested in whether his hybrid model would fit the data better than the Ptolemaian (sp?) and the Copernican models. they were notoriously ...

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