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While this may not be an objective answer, I personally like G4Beamline. They have plenty of built in materials and have all the particles in the PDG. Further, it's particularly easy to use and gives a nice graphical output (as well as numerical).


Typos stops your evaluation of trilinears at[t] and ab[t] - you wrote (1/16Pi^2) as loop factor for these terms by mistake, and blow up at[0] and ab[0] seriously. There are also 2 other typos, one appears in the beta function of ab[t] \hbbis[t] should be hbbis[t]; the other one is systema should be system for the interpolation of mhu2 and mhd2. I feel, ...


i think PIConGPU is the best choice for simulation of laser plasma interaction especially for large scale plasma. the VLPL code has been written by Prof. Pukhov's group and isn't open source. you have to contact to him or his coworkers to get the code. if you have enough time like two or three years for your simulations, you can write your own code by ...


This is more of a comment than an answer, but I can't fit this into the amount of characters; Writing a quick bit of code, it looks to me like there's not much wrong with the method: The numerical and the analytical solution go on top of one another. N = 256 T = 256*128 L = 1. dt = 0.000001 x = linspace(0., N-1, N)*L/N psix = exp(1j*2*pi*x) psik = ...

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