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The answers can be found on the Documentation page: HDU 1 (extname COADD): Coadded Spectrum from spPlate Binary table with columns: Required Columns Name Type Comment flux float32 coadded calibrated flux [10-17 ergs/s/cm2/Å] loglam float32 log10(wavelength [Å]) ivar float32 inverse variance of flux ...


LIGO actually has a really nice step-by-step tutorial on this: It is in python, but should be accessible There is more in LIGO Open Science Center:


Alright so the LIGO collaboration has established a multitude of software for doing this. lalsuite One of the more commonly used ones is lalsuite. Some examples: lalsim-detector-noise --aligo-zerodet-highpower -s 1000000000 -t 16 > noise lalsim-inspiral | lalsim-detector-strain -D H1 -a 1:23:45 -d 45.0 -p 30.0 -t 1000000008 > signal lalsim-...


You can draw virtual magnets and view theirr magnetic fields using It is a free download.


For an intuitive answer to your first question, please see both my answer and and that of @theSkinEffect about the Effective Refractive Index. However, a more complete answer concerning the modes of a fiber is found in these lecture notes. For your second question, what is the dimensions of the waveguide (i.e. diameter)? What is the wavelength of interest? ...

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