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Because the width of the typical internal wall cavity corresponds to the wave-length of low audio frequencies and their constituent harmonics.


Google didn't immediately come up with anything significant for "Ludvigsen's methodology", but let me give this a shot nonetheless. Sound is a propagating pressure wave. So as it goes by, the pressure increases, then decreases, then increases again, etc. Pressure increasing means the particles in the material (typically air) are closer together for some ...


You may want to consider the actual processing of the digital signals. If the rate of samples is too high the system may not be able to process them fast enough - it runs out of processing time.


Spectral Power – Image B (top right). The nature of images C and D is explained by the spectral power image, B. You can see from spectral power image that most energy is concentrated at low frequencies (the brighter middle part of the image). The higher frequencies (moving away from the centre) have less energy in them because there is less brightness in ...

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