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Just to add to Danu's Answer, which I believe to be right. The relative scalings of the "electro" and "magnetism" parts of the unified electromagnetism whole are somewhat arbitrary; we're only required to ensure that $c=\frac{1}{\sqrt{\mu_0\,\epsilon_0}}$ to achieve a valid set of Maxwell equations. As we change these relative scalings, we change the ...


Although you might not like to hear it, the answer really DOES lie in the definition of $\mu_0$ (and $c$). $\mu_0$ is defined to be exactly $4\pi *10^{-7}\ \text{H m}^{-1}$. Similarly, $c$ is defined as exactly $299792458\ \text{ms}^{-1}$. It immediately follows from the relation $$\epsilon_0=\frac{1}{\mu_0 c^2}$$ that $\epsilon_0$ also has no uncertainty. ...


mille is from Latin mille, which means one thousand. so, it's perfectly fine as a prefix for 1/1000. kilo is from Greeg χίλιοι, also thousand. so, both milli and kilo are in their places


Both your answers are same. $1.66\times 10^{-27} = (6.02\times 10^{26})^{-1}$ Hope that helps...

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