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Inside the Schrodinger's cat's box, the moment the radiation is detected by the counter, doesn't this mean the system already has a fixed eigenstate (a collapsed wave function, or is decoherent, whatever you like to call it)? At the end of your question, you give a list of things that might have happened to the system, and treat them as equivalent, but ...


The answer whether the cat is dear or alive is not certain before the measurement. It is all measurement which determines the probability density function and the collapse of the entanglement


No they cannot. Any living system is an incredibly complicated, interacting quantum system. The countionous interaction (noise, heat bath, etc.) between particles makes it impossible for a coherent state to exist. However this is only true for the whole organism, on the level of single proteins, or other biomolecules quantum coherence may play an important ...


Think about it like this: Say Schrodinger's Cat is in his box in a windowless, soundproof room. An observer enters the room, closes the door, checks on the cat, closes the box back up. If the cat's alive, he stands there. If the cat's dead, he shoots himself. Now, before another observer opened the door, the first observer would be, like the cat, in quantum ...

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