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One could make an argument that we are just about the size we need to be. There is a fascinating paper from 1980 by William H. Press: Man's size in terms of fundamental constants, where he argues that intelligent beings have to have a scale of $$ L_H \sim \left( \frac{\hbar^2}{m_e e^2} \right) \left( \frac{ e^2 }{ G m_p^2 } \right)^{1/4} \sim a_0 10^9 ...


In an infinitely large universe I believe we are neither big, nor small, but a relative size in we which we use to measure other objects from. Observable universe is probably just a grain of sand in an infinitely big universe where there are things so large and so small it is impossible for us to fathom and current math will simply not be able to handle.


Dimensional analysis allows us to write the solution to any physical system in the form $$ f(\Pi_0, \Pi_1, \Pi_2, \dots) = 0 $$ where the $\Pi$s are independent dimensionless constants formed from our dimensionful physical parameters. Usually, there is a particular physical parameter we are interested in computing, and so, by rescaling our dimensionless ...

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