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Well, this one's a bit less tedious and easier to understand. It all depends on how a blender actually works. The most common blenders have a couple of vertical knives as blades included. When these knives rotate, a tornado of air with a vortex is created . The vertical blades push the veggies upwards creating the vortex, the horizontal ones then slice off ...


So I think there's a couple things going on here, all related to fluid dynamics. I'm not entirely sure, but I'll start with the fluttering. There are two types of fluttering you could be seeing. The first is if it could flutter like a flag in the wind as the paper drops sideways or moves diagonally through the air. This is a result you can derive in fluid ...


Consider a muscle fibre as a thin rod of "spring constant" K = Y.A/L. Y= modulus of elasticity. Energy stored as potential = 1/2 stress * strain * volume. which is proportional to cube of length. Now jump height achieved = energy/ (mass * g) hence jump height remains unchanged!

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