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I think this should help clear things up. Suppose you take a rod at rest and apply a force $F$ perpendicular to the rod at a distance $r$ away from its center of mass for a short time $\delta t$ - short enough that the orientation of the rod does not change much during the time the force is applied. The rod's linear momentum will become $$F\delta t$$ (from ...


I'll make an example, to make things clear. Take a two body system, in which the particles are seperated by a constant distance $d$ and have mass $m_1 = m_2 = m$. This is a holonomic constraint, since $$ | \vec{r}_1 - \vec{r}_2 | = d $$ with the particle-positions $\vec{r}_1$ and $\vec{r}_2$. This system is therefore reduced to 5 degrees of freedom (6 minus ...


When the car takes the curve, think at the circle it goes on as a polygon with an infinite number of sides. Instead of continuing to go straight, the ground acts on the object with a force that increases the normal force and creates the centripetal force needed for the object to go circularly.

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