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Yes, the Sun and our whole Solar System are revolving around the centre of our galaxy, the Milky Way. Milky Way is a spiral galaxy and hence has four major spiral arms and a central buldge. The Sun (and, of course, the rest of our solar system) is located near the Orion arm, between two major arms (Perseus and Sagittarius).


This is a coupled linear differential equation. Just write it in a matrix form as $\dot{X} = M X$, where $X$ is a vector formed by $a$ and $b$, and $M$ is a matrix. The solution is similar to the one dimensional case, but you will get the exponential of the matrix $M$ in the solution. You can get the components of $\exp (M)$ by using the Taylor expansion of ...


Consider two bodies A and B. With respect to an inertial coordinate system with origin at point O, the coords of the particles in A are vectors $x_{a}\in V_{3}$ with $a=1,2,\ldots, N_{A}$ and similarly the coords of the particles of B are $x_{b}\in V_{3}$ with $b=1,2,\ldots,N_{B}$. The momenta wrt the inertial frame with origin at point O of the particles ...

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