Questions asking "What is a good book about X?" or more generally, "What should I read to learn about X?", typically where there is not a single authoritative reference. These sorts of questions have multiple answers and will acquire new answers as more books/papers are written on the subject.

questions are on-topic but they need to follow the guidelines in our resource recommendation policy. Before asking a resource recommendation question, do your utmost to check whether there is a request about the same topic and whether the resources there are sufficient. Answers to resource recommendation questions must not be link-only or they will be deleted; we expect answers to describe the resources they recommend above and beyond what one might learn, for example, by trawling through Amazon.

Contrast this with the tag, which is for questions that ask for a specific resource, instead of any resource explaining a particular topic. The tags and are mutually exclusive; they should never both be applied to the same question.

The tag also covers journals and non-paper electronic materials, such as, e.g., video lectures, on-line resources, etc.

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