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The compatibility with the adiabatic theorem has been made clear by the answer from @Xcheckr. I just would like to add some insight to the degeneracy issue. This degeneracy, which gives rise to the acquisition of a nontrivial Berry phase, lives in the abstract parameter space. It is in general not to be traversed by the interested closed path of adiabatic ...


Prof. Wen, I think this paper will be useful for you - M.M. Salomaa and G.E. Volovik, Phys. Rev. 3 7 , 9298 (1988). Topology of the spectrum of fermion zero modes at the interface between two bulk 3 He-B states with dif­ferent realization of the order parameter has been dis­cussed in this paper. In particular it was found that within some domain walls ...

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