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Any high slew rate (fast rate of change of power) stresses the grid. Lots of things cause high slew rates. People getting ready for work in the morning, having showers, turning lights and appliances on. Factories starting up at the same time. Faults on major international HVDC transmission lines. Safety shutdowns at nuclear reactors. Lots of people turning ...


There is a simple trick to achieve really high (>= 90% )efficiency: Just before the flowing (falling) fluid hits the propeller, make it rotate using guides, i.e., give it some angular speed beside the linear speed in a closed tube. To benefit from the fluids kinetic energy (in this case it is saved in both the rotational kinetic energy and linear speed ...


Two energy sinks: Heat, as stated in the other answer mechanical work on solids: rocks get ground to gravel, gravel to smaller grave etc.,


There is actually a viable energy storage method called Compressed-Air Energy Storage (CAES) that works on a similar principle to what you suggest. During time when demand for electricity is low, electric compressors are used to compress air and store it deep underground. When demand for electricity peaks, the compressed air is then allowed to re-expand ...

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