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Wow its Dec2014 now. Hello Physics StackExchange again! I have long wondered about why certain elememts nuclei are more unstable the the others. Technetium is one example. It is odd atomic numbered but has no reason to be less stable then other fermionic-like atoms, some heavier but stable like gold. I shall explain further (as I am also unsure) but I will ...


Just learned this in my chemistry class Okay After beta decay one neutron from the nuclei is "converted" into a proton giving the atom a +1 charge therefore positively charging the atom. Not going to go into the complex electron and an antineutrino creation. Since Beta decay is one process that unstable atoms can use to become more stables beta decay ...


First off, Strontium accumulates in the bones replacing Calcium, so you can't easily get rid of it. Second, the most radioactive natural food we eat is the banana, at about 130 becquerels per Kg. So that 1L of "hot" water really is quite nasty if you drink it and a significant portion of the Sr90 ends up in your bones.

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