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Not all light bulbs are thermal emitters. Fluorescent lights do not use incandescence, hence they would not emit an equal spectrum to an incandescent source with an identical maximal light frequency. But in general yes objects do concurrently emit a whole spectrum of waves based on their temperature, regardless of whether their light is visible to us.


There exist a wiki article on this, project elf. The scaled-down system the Navy eventually constructed, called Project ELF, began testing in 1982 and became operational in 1989. It consisted of two transmitter facilities, one at Clam Lake, Wisconsin and one at Republic, Michigan. with a total of 84 miles[ of above-ground transmission line antenna. The ...


For light bulbs and other thermal emitters this is definitely true. Their emission follows the black body spectrum (if you neglect absorption due to the glass container). If you want to be picky: Any device, which is operated above 0 K (which applies to all devices) emit thermal radiation according to their temperature. This is not directly related with the ...


In amplitude modulation, the frequency of the carrier wave is constant. The frequency spectrum of an AM signal includes sidebands, but those aren't the carrier wave. In your second figure, the carrier wave is the black line. You'll note that the amplitude changes; it increases and decreases in accordance with the modulation, however the frequency of this ...

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