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Do radio waves from the Sun reach Earth? Of course they do. It's just another form of electromagnetic radiation. If so, do they penetrate the atmosphere or are they reflected, absorbed, or scattered? That depends on frequency (or wavelength). The atmosphere reflects, absorbs, or scatters most incoming electromagnetic radiation. There's a window in ...


Offhand I'm not sure where to find information about how much is absorbed, reflected and scattered, but the waves certainly do reach Earth, and some, at least, penetrate the atmosphere and end up in solar radio observatory detectors, otherwise we wouldn't have so many of them.


Interesting. In your title you say "background noise." So I was going to suggest the sea shell effect - putting a sea shell to your ear you think you hear the sea, even if it is far away. If you did think you heard music, that could have been an illusion. Your brain is wired to look for patterns - see animal shapes in the clouds, hear people talking (or ...

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