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It is easy to make an antenna radiate visible light. Reduce the cross section of the antenna rod and you will see the light. But this light does not follows the generators frequency because the energy loses are very big and the heat dissipation is very big too. In an ideal antenna the electrons accelerations lead to synchron photon emission from this ...


Is the wavelength too short to be detected by current electronics? Yes. visible light has a frequency of around 10$^{15}$ Hz, even microwave radar is only a GHz (10$^9$Hz) so you need electronics a million times faster and antennae a million times smaller. There are fundamental reasons that get a bit more complicated. in simple terms with real metals, ...


Chaff is cut to dipole lengths relative to frequencies, typically, 5 -8 different lengths per standard expendable package. RF radio waves travel through air at a calculated distance based on the frequency of the RF energy. i.e. the wavelength. Chaff is cut to half the wavelength causing the maximum reflection of the RF energy. (Typically .8 to .75 cm.)

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