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Yes, that is about it: coherent integration = voltages (currents) are added, noncoherent integration = powers are added. For example, say the transmitted radar pulse is $$p(t)cos(\omega t) \text{ where } p(t)=1, \text {when } |t|<T_p/2 \text { and } 0 \text { otherwise} $$. Now the radar receiver gets this pulse with some unknown phase and amplitude ...


A very good review article is by Brian Butters: "Chaff" in the IEE Proc. vol 129, pt F, June 1983, and then two theoretical analyses by Peebles: "Bistatic Radar Cross Sections of Chaff", IEEE AES-20, March 1984 and "Bistatic Radar Cross Sections of Horizonatlly Oriented Chaff", IEEE AES-20, Nov 1984

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