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John is right. I just want to try to give a more intuitive explanation. Suppose you plot the sine and cosine of a wave that has a wavelength of exactly 1. Then of course the peaks and zero-crossings would be exactly 1 unit apart. Now suppose you put an envelope on that plot, such as multiplying it by $x$. Here's that plot: Notice the zero-crossings of ...


It is a real wave associated with electron. And we adopt its mathematical description using wave function in configuration space


Yes the wave function "collapses" after Alice measures her part. I am not sure what you call the Von-Neumann collapse. Here you have a bipartite measurement with only one photon. And I guess the steering thing had never been done before with only one photon. No there's nothing profound.


There is no universal wave function. The universe has many different mathematical descriptions, each corresponding to what a different observer can interact with around them. Each is incomplete, because no observer can interact with whole universe. Each observer, for example excludes themselves from the world they interact with.


Tom Campbell's "My Big TOE" (Theory Of Everything) has been refined and superseded by Hungarian philosopher Hasbro Schenectady's "My Little PONY" (Philosophy Of Neurological Youth), which utilizes modern knowledge of neotenic neural plasticity to elaborate on the perennial "cartoon hypothesis" of life.


In the name "interpretations" it is implied that these are believed to not be empirically distinguishable. What everyone agrees on is how to calculate empirically testable predictions. That is essentially mathematics, and if you are very mathematically minded, you can propose to axiomize it, that is, find a minimum number of axioms (postulates) from which it ...


I do not know that whether or not all interpretations can be distinguishable from each other. But after going through the link once, I thought Asher Peres probably implied that all the interpretations(De Broglie Bohm, MWI etc) will not have any effect on the probability of measurement outcomes (predictions of QM) i.e. the number of times detectors' clicks. ...


No, interpretations of quantum mechanics are not distiguishable in a physical experiment, otherwise they would be called theories rather than interpretations. It should be noted that there are some theories whom their authors call "interpretations" but they in fact are not. For instance the "objective collapse theories" often (wrongly) called ...


It's not true that all the different interpretations are not (in principle) experimentally distinguishable. Let's consider the difference between Copenhagen Interpretation (CI), De Broglie–Bohm theory (BT) and the Many Worlds Interpretation (MWI). BT assumes that under normal circumstances we have so-called quantum equilibrium and only then do you get the ...

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